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About Mylo

The Mylo brand was created after we found our passion for producing herbal soaps. The goal was to make cosmetics that would care for the skin while pampering the senses – by hand in small batches in Slovakia, using only natural ingredients. The products are aimed at customers who share similar values ​​to us.

At Mylo we believe that by choosing natural ingredients produced organically, processed with respect to human rights, using environmentally-friendly and minimised packaging, and eliminating waste, we as the manufacturer and you as consumer can influence the future of our planet.

Every Mylo product contains many vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals, as well as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturising, and other beneficial ingredients with a soothing and cleansing effect. These have beneficial effects on skin and can restore lost balance. An optimally natural way to care for skin.





We must be very careful in what we put on our skin. In Mylo, we connect the power of individual ingredients so that our cosmetics provides the skin with required care and so as not to burden it with synthetic substances. We don't do compromises when it comes to the ingredients we use in our production and their quality.



The core of the production of our cosmetics is a simple recipe rich in active and nutritive substances. We also consider simplicity one of the paths to sustainability in wrapping our cosmetic products. When choosing packages, we take into account the possibility of recycling, zero waste and return to circulation. That is why 99% of our packages consist of reusable and recyclable glass containers with pure lines. The labels on our products are made from recycled paper with a simple design. During transport, the glass containers are protected by cardboard coats that consume 60% less material compared to regular paper boxes. Our goal is to reduce the burdening of our planet in the production and consumption of the Mylo cosmetics.



The grand and healing force of nature is everywhere around us. When choosing from its gifts, we focus on the highest-quality ingredients and take into account their effects, safety and the ethical source as well as the environmental aspect. We prefer local, organic and fair-trade ingredients. Our products are made with love and respect to nature.




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